Einstein visibility

anybody on the 2nd level filming so we can have good Einstein footage?

+1, plz help, want to watch the matches, am looking at the inside of an airship instead.

Agreed. Trying to watch from home is a disaster.

It’s really not any better here.

They need to stop switching views so quickly

It’s at least a clear view. Never before have I gotten such a close look at how some of these teams release gears.


I think I am the one person in FRC who likes the camera angles. As someone very into video production I feel like this is what you expect from a professional production.

At this point I’m just hoping that they recorded the raw footage of the full field camera to post later.

The frequency with which they’re changing views is actually making me nauseous and I can’t keep track of what’s going on. I’ve probably never enjoyed watching a match less, which makes me sad.


This is all we can see from the second deck. The third deck isn’t even open, and the field is a mile away. It doesn’t help that all I can see is airships and hoppers on one side of the entire field.

I get some people may like this, but I and many others find it terrible. There could easily be multiple streams.

It’s like they’re trying to be more professional by showing the action, but there’s action everywhere. The RSN stream did this so well by just giving you 3 cameras, the scoreboard, and a filler picture. FIRST must have decided that they had all these cameras from the divisions that ended, so why not use all of them?

You expect sharp, unnecessary cuts that detract from conveying the flow of the match in an approachable and consistent manner for the sake of “professional production?”

To each their own I guess.

Well you should probably stick to your day job then. Nothing about this is professional.

I don’t want to say you are wrong, but you aren’t right.

Nope. PNW and Indiana are professional productions, not this.

Yeah, after the fact when you know what’s happened. Live, you need to not cut anything out.

Watching with my family who aren’t nearly as involved in FRC, the different camera angles and cuts are creating a lot of excitement. As an outsider not rooting for a specific team, the videography allows for a quick-paced constant excitement.

I hope First does something quick to improve it.
Else #linestein also becomes #invisistein ?

This is the worst thing I’ve ever watched. #nocory