Forgive the ignorance here, but I don’t know what event people are referring to when they talk about Einstein.

Is it the championship round in week 7 or a championship of championships?

Also, how did it end up with the name?

At the world championship there are 8 fields, each named after a different scientist. Each of them act as a regional and result in 1 winning alliance. Each of those winning alliances go onto the Einstein field, to compete in a final round of 8 playoff to determine, as you stated, a champion of champions.

At the Championship event in St’ Louis the 600 teams in attendance will be divided into eight divisions, Archimedes, Curie, Galileo, Newton, Carson, Carver, Hopper and Tesla.

The winning alliance from each division will play on the Einstein fields (which are just the Archimedes and Tesla fields with a new banner). There will be a playoff round on Einstein to determine the 2015 championship winners.

Einstein is the “Grand Finals” of Worlds (week 7). The winners of each division go on to play on Einstein, on the last day. Not sure how it ended up with the name, probably just because Einstein was a great scientist, and it was selected, just like the other fields are named after scientists.

Week 7 is actually the time of three district championships (Michigan, New England, Mid-Atlantic Region). The championship is two weeks after that.

A few years ago during the Einstein match there were some difficulties that caused delays (not what you want in your finals).
So sometimes you may see people refer to Einstein in that regard.

Ah, ok. The weeks kind of blur together for me. I forgot the actual numbering, just remembered which dates the competitions we compete in are. Thanks.

Its also a place where straight mecanum is forbidden to go…

I get the feel it might not happen this year either.

Heres hoping

kind of random but is there any real difference between the Einstein field compared to the other cmp fields.

Not in terms of field dimensions, layout, etc. It’s the same type of field that you’re playing on right now. They usually bring in a fresh field (new carpet and game pieces) for Einstein so it’s nicer for the teams that are playing there, but since Archimedes and Tesla are being ‘recycled’ this year into the two Einstein fields, it might just be fresh game pieces.

The Einstein “show” is also very different. The matches are the same (except for the whole world quarterfinalist* alliances thing), but they’re interspersed with major guest speakers, World Chairman’s award/etc, FLL Champion, and live music like will.i.am. Though I’m not sure about [edit]FTC/J[/edit]FLL this year with them in the hotels; that’d be too bad.

*pre-2015, Einstein was only semifinals and finals.

Is this confirmed? I thought they were back in the Conference Center.

Sorry, JFLL at least is moved; my bad. And FTC, yeah? Point being this may or may not affect the Einstein show, which is essentially closing ceremonies not just for FRC World Championships, but the entire FIRST season.

It very likely might see a Kiwi Drive this year though…