I had a question about Einstein if anyone could answer it for me. If an alliance reaches Einstein, are they still able to ask for a replacement robot if they need one? If so, does this robot come from the division of the team in need or is there some other process that takes place? Are there any special rules or limitations for teams that make Einstein?


The robot comes from your division. You get the Finalist alliance captain.
Besides that, there isn’t anything special.

Actually this year it is the Alliance captain of the Finalist alliance of your division.

Tis what I meant, good call Rat.

If an ALLIANCE has not previously brought in a BACKUP TEAM, and a ROBOT becomes
disabled during the Championship Playoffs and can not continue, the ALLIANCE CAPTAIN will
be presented the option of having the lead Division Finalist team from their division join the
If an ALLIANCE has won their division with a BACKUP TEAM and moved on to the FRC
Championship Playoffs, the BACKUP TEAM continues to play for the ALLIANCE in the
Championship Playoffs.
As noted in Section 9.4.3, the original three-team ALLIANCE shall only have one opportunity to
draw from the BACKUP TEAMS. If the ALLIANCE has brought in a BACKUP TEAM during the
division elimination matches or the Championship Playoffs, they cannot bring in a second
BACKUP TEAM. If a second ROBOT from the ALLIANCE becomes inoperable during the
Championship Playoffs, then the ALLIANCE must play the following matches with only two (or
even one) ROBOTS.
In either case, the replaced team remains part of the ALLIANCE for awards but can not rejoin
match play, even if their ROBOT is repaired. If the ALLIANCE wins the Championship Playoffs,
the FRC Champions will be all three original members of the Division Champion ALLIANCE and

Corey and Bharat are correct. All relevant info is outlined in section 9.5.2 of the manual.

(Does anyone else keep their manual on their desk still?)

The Big Mike says:

Question answered