Ekocycle Firmware Help

I know many teams have had issues with the Ekocycle 3D printer given out last year but we are still making efforts to get ours to work properly. :yikes:

We’ve run into an issue that we initially thought was hardware but might actually be a software issue. We believe that the firmware and associated files on the internal SD card are corrupt, as half our touchscreen (the touch part, not the “display an image part”) does not work and a replacement for the suspected hardware has not fixed it.

After opening the machine, I took a look at the files on the SD card and noticed many of the config files are very small (around 6 bytes) and are timestamped with Dec 31 1969. Now, the simple fix would be to remove these files, replace the firmware, and boot up as usual. However, when we delete the files, registration code in firmware we installed prevents us from doing anything with the machine claiming a “missing serial number.” I am in contact with the customer support, but I was hoping if anyone had a clone of ALL their files on the Ekocycle SD card so that we could fix it. Thanks in advance