Ekocycle Temperature Errror

We received our Ekocycle Cube Printer and went through all of the instructions. Once we got to the portion where we produce a test print the system heats up and then Shows Temperature error(T12). The printer then cools down and repeats this whenever we try.

We are new to 3D Printers and REALLY NEED HELP!!
Any tips are Greatly Appreciated!

FullMetal Falcons Team 4557, Middletown CT

We had the same issue with our two printers. After some contact with cubify support, it looks like there is a beta firmware update they are trying to get out to us. See if you can get it in beta, otherwise it’ll be out soon, and we’ll let you know how it works. They seem to be a little tricky with settings, good luck!

This error pops up sometimes for us and every time it has been because we didn’t have the print jets fully clocked in place. You have to turn them pretty far.

That took care of that problem for us.

That was the original recommendation we got from Cubify Support. Didn’t solve the problem for us. Still waiting on that Firmware. How has the printer performed since then? The few prints we had turn out were not bad at all.

Mixed results. Smaller parts are great. Larger are problematic. Using a raft helped a lot, but we got one useful part before the white clogged up completely.

We need like 8 of these parts and we have one right now. That doesn’t allow for any spares. Well 4 of them are for our practice bot so I guess those are spares.

If you need these parts printed, I can probably get them to you if your printer is not up and running soon. Drop me a PM and we can work something out.

We had the same problem a few weeks ago. Look at the top of your printer jets. Line the dots up that are on the jets, to the main piece. Fixed our problem…

It’s too late to help the OP, but I thought I’d write this to help someone else down the line. We had the same problem with the T22 error. Here’s what the folks at Cubify told us:

Thank you for contacting Cubify!

A temperature error can be fixed rather simply.

Please uninstall the print tips and then reinsert them.

Make sure you turn the tips until you feel a slight click and that the dots align on the top of the tip and carriage.

If this does not resolve the issue then please unplug the printer form the outlet, uninstall the cartridges and wait about 5-10 minutes.

Insert the cartridges and then power the printer back on.

This should resolve the issue.

Contact us with any further questions!