Elaminate on Robot

Can you use paper on your robot and elaminate it rather than using stencils?

Can you find a rule that prohibits it?


Unless you can manage to violate a safety rule, that is, which I highly doubt. Been seeing that for quite a while and haven’t seen a single safety rule invoked yet.

BTW, OP–I believe you’re looking for “laminate” as the spelling. If there’s some process of “elaminate” I haven’t heard of, I’d like to hear about it.

We do this for our sponsor panels every year and this year for numbers.
It saves weight and looks nice. If your school does not have a laminator you can often get things done at an office supply store. (Staples, etc)

You can either attach your panels/numbers with velcro for easy replacement or with double stick tape.

We used to use very thin polycarbonate to cover our graphics…but it was difficult to stick the paper graphics to it without looking bad. Lamination works really well and is pretty easy to do and cheap also

good luck!!

I don’t see anything requiring the use of stencils in the first place. What would you be using it for?

(I assume you mean you want to laminate paper.)