Election Day 2004

It’s finally here… It’s Election Day 2004 and, to get an idea of the political clout that the ChiefDelphi community potentially has, I wanted to get a reply from anyone here who has voted today, or if your parents/brother/sister voted. This information could be useful in the future when it comes to possible FIRST legislation in the next couple of years.

I don’t want this to turn into candidate or party bashing/praising… just want to get a rough idea of who in the CD community (and those very close to it) voted. A simple reply of “I voted,” “my parent(s) voted,” “my brother/sister voted,” or any combination would be perfect. If you could add your state or even your district to the post that’d be even better. Thanks in advance. Have a good day, everyone!

My parents both voted. Just two more years for me! :slight_smile:

I voted, as did all four of my parents (step-parents included).

I don’t know the districts but one set of parents is in Saginaw, MI and myself and the other set in Troy, MI.

~Allison K.

I voted in Maryland last week. However, that was by absentee ballot.


I voted a week ago. My mom and I believe my dad will vote today.

My mom and dad, as well as the two or three of my friends who are 18, will all be voting today.

I voted absentee last week.

I am getting ready to leave to vote in my first election here in about 10 mins, YEAH!!! :slight_smile: :cool:

I filled out my connecticut absentee ballot a few weeks ago, and I would expect both of my parents to vote. But I can’t say the same for my 2 older siblings, one of them might.

I voted today in my school. Its kinda like the real voting in a way lol When we’ll we get to know who won presidencey? tonight?

I decided there was no point in casting a ballot in Massachusetts. Perhaps, if I was in support of Bush I would have… I can use this logic, I hope everyone else doesn’t :o

I voted in my school, but that didn’t count, considering it was just a schoolwide thing.
My parents are voting sometime today, along with my sister and brother in law. A few friends of mine are voting today as well, who turned 18 this year, along with more who graduated last year or two years ago. =) Many people I know are voting.

I voted, as did my mother and father.

And you already know where I live, Bill :slight_smile:


I voted as soon as the polls opened this morning, 7AM, wow that was early.
I vote in the 30th district of California, which is the West Los Angeles Region (UCLA).

Both my parents will vote today in the 25th district of California, which is a suburb area 40 miles north of Los Angeles.

My brother will vote today up at Berkeley. I can’t remember which district that is.

My mother and i voted today, while my dad did it my absentee ballot.

I, along with my mother and father, voted today in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

Got there at 7 only to stand in line for TWO HOURS. :ahh:

Bill and others have been trying to secure federal funding for the FIRST program through legislative means for quite awhile now and the information that this thread can provide is, no doubt, important to those efforts.

With respect, if you didn’t vote in the real election, please don’t jeopardize the relevance of this data by joking around.

There was absolutely no wait for me when I voted this morning around 8:15. Myself, my dad, my mom, and my brother all voted in District 69 in southern Indianapolis, IN. I was the 121st (Road Warriors :wink: ) to slip my paper ballot into the optical scan machine.

Wooo! for voting. :]

That is disgusting.
Not just that you would do it, but that you would proclaim it in a public forum.

Remember kids, Despite the old Nike ads:
Don’t be like Mike.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. You don’t even provide a reason for your libel. All you are doing is inciting a flame war and wrecking Bill Gold’s thread.