Electric Actuators

According to R18, “Electrical solenoid actuators, no greater than 1 in. stroke and rated electrical input power no greater than 10 watts (W) continuous duty at 12 volts (VDC)” can be used. Are these restrictions only on electrical solenoid actuators? And, if so, does that mean that we can use linear actuators that do not meet these specifications, assuming they are compatible with approved (CIM) motors?


Yes, and yes. How said linear actuators are compatible with X FRC-legal motor is an interesting engineering problem for you to solve.

Thank you!

I am going to elaborate since this question has been raised on the Q&A. Linear actuators are not solenoid actuators and that is why they (solenoids) are listed in their own rule. Linear actuators are often supplied with their own motor. The attached motor is not legal while the actuator is not a regulated part under FRC rules. If you use a linear actuator that fits the parts rules (cost and BOM, etc.) then you must fit an FRC legal motor to it in order for it to be legal on your robot. Please remember that the actuator starts as a COTS part but becomes something else when you remove the motor.