Electric Training Slides

We just formed a rookie team 4573. We are planing to start training sessions for our electric team members. Does anyone has some training slide can share with us? We never mentored a team before, don’t know where to start.


Here are two presentations that I use with my team, hope they help.

Power Distribution
Control System

  • Allen

Here’s some that our team did:

Hey there!

Since you folks are in Jersey, be sure to shoot me a PM on here, facebook, or an email to akash.rastogi11@gmail if you have any questions or need help :slight_smile:

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A few things

1: the document on network topologies wouldn’t work for me

2: do you have a document for the crio 1

3: do you have any documents on pneumatics

I fixed the Topologies link.

Pneumatics for Newbies

Pneumatics Step-by-Step

I have to dig up the older cRIO 1 presentations (and probably update them- I doubt anyone is interested in the changeover from the older IFI controller).
P.S. Here’s one I cobbled together.

cRIO-FRC-I.zip (2.73 MB)

cRIO-FRC-I.zip (2.73 MB)

Check out the presentations here: http://www.mnfirst.org/splash

There is a specific one for electrical, but there is a lot more for the rest of your team too!

This forum is great! Thanks for everyone’s support. All these slides helps a lot for us. - Charlie

Here’s an overview slide:

We usually print out the Electrical diagrams as large as we have a printer for. They don’t fit on PowerPoint slides very well.


Another topic that’s good to cover is proper battery handling & maintenance, e.g.,

  • Don’t pick up a battery by the wires, ever
  • Tight attachment at the terminals
  • Terminal wires can be oriented two basic directions, up or out - establish a convention
  • Cover all exposed contacts with electrical tape or heat shrink.
    *]Keep batteries charged
    That sort of thing.

Hi Mark,
These are awesome diagrams. What kind of tools are you using to draw these diagrams?

Man Mark, I wish I had that overview document handy at our meeting a week ago… I basically drew it out by hand on a whiteboard while talking with the team!

The wiring diagrams come from FIRST as the pdf’s you see.
In fact, you should get familiar with all the FIRST Technical Data at: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/2012-kit-of-parts-technical-resources
I don’t know what tool they prefer.
There are some tools from Atrium, free to FIRST teams, that can be used for this.

The picture was just stuck together using Photoshop. The original came in the 2009 Control System KOP, and I just keep it updated year-to-year.

A good program for schematic diagrams ( that is if your making your own component) is eagle pcb

Otherwise i would us publisher or word and save the final version as a pdf

Also do you have a version of the slide for the old crio

Does anyone have any programming documentation also

A quick thing that I will add that I always tell all my new kids – along with not holding batteries by the wires, don’t try to hold them with one hand by the top. I think I’ve almost pulled a muscle in my thumb multiple times doing that! It does not feel good. :yikes:

Here’s the same slide with the 8-slot cRIO FRC I instead of the new one.


We have same LabVIEW programming references here, and some of our workshops are here.

If you’re looking for C++ or Java, then the getting started documents on SourceForge are good places to begin.