Electrical board designs


Just out of curiosity, what are some of the best designs/control boards to easily access electrical components quickly and efficiently for this year? Especially when some teams will have elevators and upper structures on their robots.


I suspect that general robot architecture will be quite similar to last year*, though lifts will typically carry two different, lighter weight game pieces. Control board placement usually follows from robot architecture, so I also expect to see similar results as last year. Many lift bots have spare vertical areas on one or more sides, so that is a common location to put a control board - with a polycarbonate cover to keep game pieces and other robots out.

*We may see more arms this year than last, because of the 30" extension. Robots with arms which operate in a plane will often have the same vertical surfaces on the sides as lift bots. Arm bots are even more likely to have the battery at one end rather than centered on the chassis than lift bots.