Electrical Board?

Did you all got electrical board set up?

Someone set up us the bot.

Our electrical board was wired and working fine early this week. We had new heavy wires made to the right length for the connection from the battery to the main circuit breaker and power distribution board. The person installing the wires was a bit too enthusiastic with his wrench, and twisted one of the power input studs off the board.


We swapped in the older board from our practice chassis and got it all working again. There was enough of the M6 stud left to barely connect the power on the practice 'bot and get it running again for software development, but we’ll never be able to use that power distribution board in competition.

We get signal.

Up and running, had the robot moving around under it’s own power yesterday. Should have the arm wired up today for some “intense practice” this weekend.

We’ve had those lugs snap on us before . . . and we’ve used the snapped board for competition.

wow that’s fast… for our team we just got the wires and stuff today… We just made holes in the electrical board