Electrical chain hacks

Hi CD, my team is wondering if anyone has found or has ideas about how to stiffen an electrical chain so it still will bend in one direction but does not flex so much in the other. (when you have a section about 7 feet long it gravity is relentless) If you got an idea fell free to say it, no matter how stupid or genius it may be.
-thanks, The Ginger

Not sure what you’re trying to do, but there are some black links which come in the KOP which can act in the way you’re talking about and you can run the wiring through them.

I expect the OP is trying to come up with a scheme to use chain in order to grab the bar in order to climb.

correct, our tape measure thing did not work so we made a system to extend a electrical chain from the KOP, but the when you are trying to stick a length of it 7 feet into the air it tries to flex back onto its “rigid” side.