Electrical Component CAD models

“first timer need help in inventor i cant find the wires on firstbase”

wiring most of the wiring is not in firstbase were can i find it

but i cant find the victor or the spike on firstbase what is it under

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But anyway, if you mean the electronics, they’re all there. Actual wiring is not provided, you need to make it yourself with the pipe/wire run feature. I personally never do it, but some teams do.

Electronics kit. You can find it here.


Under Electrical on the left side, it is listed as motor controller and spike relay.

Also a good resource. However, he was asking about the official KOP. I had forgotten about Firstcadlibrary. Mr. Spark’s CAD is awesome.

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This is a general question. I am trying to wire our robot this year in Autodesk Inventor Professioinal 2008. Right now, all I can do is make a straight line that cuts through objects. Is there anyway to bend a wire without using a mount? To make it look like the path of our actual wire and tubing?

I’ve looked at other Chief Delphi posts and I’ve seen this on other robots but not explained. Maybe I’m wrong, please help!

To wire a robot in CAD can be extremely time consuming with a very low cost benefit analysis in my opinion. If you use the 2010 or 2011 Inventors there help files and tutorials are more straight forwards.
Basically to make wire you make a new “wire harness” then inside the wire harness you add wires between the points (connectors) you want the wire to be. Then you have to take the straight wire created and add points to curve the wire around to not pass through anything.
Doing this for your entire robot is extremely computer resource hungry and the easiest way to make Inventor crash/lockup.
Our CAD from 2010 can be seen on the Autodesk design showcase at

Drakan290 made a excellent how to guide as to how to make wire here:


Also if you are looking CAD models of parts you should also look at