Electrical component measurements...

I am looking to design an electronics board for a robot built with the 2003 brain and electrical components (with the addition of the new breaker panel),
and I was wondering if anyone happened to have the Measurements for how far apart the mounting holes are on the different components. (I only need Speed controllers and Brain really, but everything else would be nice.)
I would appreciate greatly if anyone could help out, as I don’t have the parts to measure the distances myself right now :smiley:

Thanks in advance,





… found these 3 pictures from 2003. I think the distance between holes have been same over the years on the Robot controller and speed controllers. I have never measured them. FIRST cad library has cad models of 2004 and 2005 controllers, you can compare them if you would like. Good luck.

If you know the manufacture of the part, and the part number, you can goto their website and get the spec sheet for that component.

The spec sheets always have a mechanical footprint. A word of caution: some footprint drawings have dimensions in mm and inches. One is the controlling dimension, the other is an approximation. Make sure you determine (from the notes) which is the ‘real’ dimension

if the pins on a 100 pin integrated circuit are spaced 1mm, but you use the approximated 0.039" spacing between pads, then your pads will be off by one at the corners of the IC.

A shortcut to finding datasheets is the digi-key website www.digikey.com. They sell parts from thousand of vendors, you can search on the part number and usually they will have the datasheet / spec on their website.

IFI has the drawings you want. Go to their page for each component and click “Installation Info”.