Electrical Connection for Denso Window Motors

Hi, has anyone figured out what connector will “plug” into the Denso window motors? I’m headed to the auto parts store today, but it would have been nice if they gave us plug connections to go with the motor.

We’ve spent a lot of time holding two wire against the leads like Operation :smiley:

What I have done in the past is to use appropriately sized slip on connectors (female disconnects) with electrical tape around one to prevent shorting (unfortunately, the fully shrouded ones are too big). Then I fill the connection cavity with 5-minute epoxy creating a permanent “pig tail” to the motor.



We just use a Dremel tool cutting wheel to cut away the top part of the shell and solder wires directly to the pins. We usually have little pigtails with Anderson Powerpole connectors on the end for easy changing of the motor: http://www.powerwerx.com/anderson-powerpoles/powerpole-sets/30-amp-red-black-anderson-powerpole-sets.html

I’ll see if I can get the Delphi connector and pin numbers today. Mouser carries them.

Connector from Mouser Electronics: PN 829-12129487.

Metri-Pack terminal from Mouser Electronics: PN 829-12129493.

Taken from http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=72979&highlight=window+motor+connector

Ahh, is there anything that Search can’t tell us?

Nice find :smiley:

CD search is my friend, a mentor of mentors. :slight_smile:

Make sure you order the housing AND the connector. Two part numbers. Guess who just recieved a box of worthless housings today!:eek:

here are the parts needed to make the connector for the window motor the following are
Packard parts

1pc 12129487 connector

1pc 12077904 TPA(lock)

2pcs 12010293 seal

2pcs 12110845 terminal

You should be able to get them anywhere you can get Packard connector parts

you might need some wire

How do you search Packard by product number?

From above:

I ordered them. The connector is right the terminal is not. This one has the tangs in the plastic and just a slot on the terminal (pdf drawing here) This terminal has the tang feature on the terminal.

I have hunted around on the Mouser site I THINK this is the right terminal (Mouser PN 829-12129493, pdf drawing here) I will confirm once I have parts in hand.

Joe J.

From the KOP check list:
Connector: 12129487
Terminal: 12110845

Part Number Search on Mouser using the above numbers yields:
Connector: 829-12129487
Terminal: 829-12110845

Yup - Delphi donated window motor connectors and terminals in each KOP this year.