Electrical Problem

Our Team spent almost the whole day trying fix our electrical system. The problem was the jaguars fan’s wasn’t moving and when we tried to move the joystick and the cim motor wasn’t moving too. The link below shows our electrical system.


from Control System Manual, Section 2, Page 4:

Connect the Digital Sidecar to the NI 9403 module installed in slot 4 of the cRIO with the supplied DB-37 cable.

As indicated by picture dscn0368, your Digital Sidecar is connected to the NI9403 in slot 6. This is not the default configuration, and will not work with the bench test or the default code. Unless you have written custom code, move the DB-37 cable to the module in slot 4.

well looking at your pics I see a couple things. First your pwm wires, black should be to the inside on the digital sidecar. Second, on the jaguars black pwm wire should be towards the inside. Third, you only need to fuse where motors are connected to red wagos (see the lighting bolts on the distribution panel. they alternated sides.)

Thanks! We will try that tomorrow at 6 in the mourning :frowning: so early. I have another question, we have download a new program to the cRIO and updated the firmware for the DS would that be a problem to controlling the motor with the joystick? :slight_smile:

If you have updated the firmware on both the cRIO and the DS they should be able to communicate and the joysticks should control the motors attached to PWM channels 1 and 2 with the default code.

If you are actually saying that you downloaded a new program to the cRio (through either Labview or Windriver and not the cRIO Image Tool) then the program will have to work correctly for the joysticks to control the motors and the cRIO firmware will have to be updated (if that has not been done already).

if i where you , i would organize everthing a little bit better than that, it helps to quickly look over the system for problems! it helps for us!


According to the above datasheets for the Digital Sidecar (aka DSC), chapter has all ground terminals for the PWM outputs, relay outputs and GPIO on the outer edge. The black wires should be on the outer perimeter of the DSC.


We have changed our jaguar to a victor, and connect the right way. According to you guys replies. The cim motor just move without the joystick control nor the autonomous. I have no idea how to fix this and would the labview programming cause this problem or the driver station?

We spend the whole day working on it, and found the solution! The pwm wire wasn’t good, and we change the jaguar because the other one is broken.