Electrical rules

Did any electrical rules change?

Yes, please review the robot section of the FIRST POWER UP Manual for all season specific rule information.

By no means a complete list, but we knew about a few changes before the rules came out:

  • Added new motors (red line, NIDEC at least)
  • Canceled CAN Jaguar
  • Added Victor SPX
  • Several rules related to the NIDEC motor and controller

I also noticed on my first read:

  • R14 D is significantly broader than its analog from 2017.
  • R39 (USB battery packs) is completely new!
  • Of course, software version numbers!

Probably the biggest change electrically, at least from what my skim-read found, was no more limits on CIM motors. Don’t let your mechanical team get too CIM-happy if they want to keep the main breaker intact. Other big addition is USB battery packs, as already mentioned.