Electrical schematics Manual???

Where do I find the electrical schematics manual for the chasis? Maybe I am just dumb, but I can’t find it.

For most of the Electronic information, you can find it at www.IFIRobotics.com but I am not sure exactly what you are talking about. But try the link above to find your product because most first electronics come from IFI.


They used to be schematics on ifi but i cant seem to find them now, maybe they will put them up later

If you mean, electrical wiring diagrams for some of the pieces in the kit of parts, they’re always on www.ifirobotics.com, just click on the part you’re looking for and it should be in the documentation.

By the way, you would probably get more help if this was in the Electrical subforum, rather than here. The Forum Help subforum is meant for help with using the forum, not for help related to robotics. That’s what the rest of ChiefDelphi is for;) .

Have fun.

Are you talking about the “Robot Power Distribution Diagram”? It’s in the “The Robot” section of this (http://www.usfirst.org/community/frc/content.aspx?id=452) page.

Is this what you are looking for? http://www2.usfirst.org/2007comp_1735_temp/Drawings/2007_FRC_ROBOT_POWER_DISTRIBUTION_DIAGRAM.pdf
That is the 2007 Power Distribution Diagram - Which is available on the FIRST website.

Thanks. I’m new at this.

Please check the First website for the FIRST_Guidelines,Tips,&_Good_Practices_Rev_D (or above)document. This should be a must read for all new teams. I highly recommend you download this and all parts of the robot manual to a local computer so you can reference them often.

Hi Al.

Find it here…