Electrical Sub-Base

We have recently received from First Choice 4 Festo solenoids without their electronics. We were looking for the electric sub-bases for these solenoids (the little black connectors which are mounted in the sides of the solenoids and have the cables to operate it).
We called Festo in Israel and they don’t have the regular sub-bases which work only with 24V (part number 566716) but instead those who work with 24V AND 12V (part number 566714).
The only thing that we’re not sure about is the fact that they have a current reduction and we don’t know how that might affect the solenoids.

Did anybody else encounter this problem? Will the lower current run the solenoids fine?

Thanks a bunch,
Yiftach from Team 3316, D-Bug, Israel.

The current reduction is a power-saving feature that reduces the power used by the coil once it has been activated. You should have no problem with them in your robot installation. Activation power is listed as 1 watt and then .35 watt to maintain the coil. This has a big effect when there are a hundred solenoids in use at a process control application. In your case the biggest advantage is that you will be able to get the solenoids to work.:slight_smile:

Thanks Bill!