Electrical System Conduits

Our robot is built with aluminum tubing. Can we run the electrical wires through it?


Yes, but if you do this you need to carefully label each
wire so that they can be easily traced during inspection.

Labelling will also change troubleshooting from nearly impossible to just awkward.

Make sure there aren’t any sharp edges at the joints of your tubing before you run the wires to avoid abrading the insulation and causing shorts.

It’s legal, but be VERY, VERY careful. As soon as the bare wires contact the frame, you have a short to frame, the frame carries electricity, and you will be told to redesign. Don’t have any connectors inside the tubing, and make sure the insulation is OK before putting a wire in and after taking it out for a rewire–if it isn’t, you are at risk of the “short to frame” problem.

Many teams use the frame to carry wiring from one part of the robot to another. Please be sure to mark which frame members carry wiring as the mechanical team has a penchant for drilling into things throughout the season. You don’t want your wiring damaged by mechanical do you?