Electrical Team Structure Ideas

Here are some questions for yourself that can help guide what can work for your team:

  • What are you looking to accomplish in your Electonics department?
  • Does your team have enough students to open a seperate team to Electronics? Do you believe this answer will be the same for the next few years?
  • Do you have available mentor to lead a seperate Electronics team?

Our team has a separate Electronics subteam, but I’ve heard of many teams that electronics is part of programming or mechanics subteam.

Like Buddajem, we also have a separate sub-team for E & P that is distinct from programming / CAD / fabrication / assembly.

We also have a separate electrical sub-team that also handles pneumatics. It’s honestly just me and one other team member though, and we both also work on mechanics when we’re not busy.

It seems our structure for electrical is less formal than most here. But I think we’ve settled on a process that works well.

There is usually an informal electrical lead (whoever did the most on it last year). They are the one who advocates during the design phase for electrical room and infrastructure.

Then when it comes time to start wiring a robot. The mentors ask for interested students with fine motor skills and attention to detail to step forward during an all team meeting. If not enough people do, they will extend specific invites.

This tends to happen with each robot we build including offseason robots, so some students will have electrical experience, but not all. I think this works well for us because there is not enough electrical work to support a sub team for the entire build season.

Neither of my teams have a dedicated electrical team-- if we did and held to a strict subteam structure, we have lots of people at numerous points in time in the season working on low-priority tasks.

This being said, probably at least a third or more of both teams is trained in electrical, so when these tasks come up, the work is completed immediately.

Too be completely fair, the first electrical board for the 2013 bot was very well laid out and relatively accessible. It was the third time we had to completely re-do the layout that we gave up trying to make it nice.

However, I still fully agree with My Father’s assessment. On 3468, I’ve been trying to get a person or two to dedicate themselves to Electrical (and Pneumatics if we ever decide to use them), and its definitely been a chore, but I still fully expect it to improve the electrical layout and reliability considerably once I get it isolated from the ground. ba-dum-tsss

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