Electrical testing board

Currently, I am trying to design a layout for an electrical testing board. Does anybody have a layout suggestion that has worked well for them?

Are you intending to use this to do an initial test of your software? If so, you may not need as many motor controllers as you would have on your actual robot. We have been able to use a DVM to display the motor controller output voltage and the motor controller output direction. A small panel meter also works but you need to find one that can handle positive and negative inputs. We used a 12V laptop charger to power ours.

Do a search for “electrical layout” or something like that. There have been quite a few threads every year.

A layout that works well for a real robot will work well for an electrical testing board.

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Initially, it was merely more of a demonstration board, which would also have pneumatics on it. Something that the programmers could also use, but would be really best for teaching new students about electrical. Now, however, I think it’s going to be more like an actual electrical board you would find on a robot, except cleaner and it would also have the motors mounted on it as requested by the software team.

Thank you for your help; I really appreciate it!

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If the intent is for teaching, make a second board with examples of good crimp connections and bad ones (labeled to indicate what the faults are) can be very helpful. When I did the electrical training for my son’s team, I borrowed the example board from the QC manager at my workplace. She used it to train new employees.

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That’s a really good idea! I’ll have to add that to my to-do list. Thank you!

When you were showing good and bad crimps, what were you saying the kids should look out for?

I posted my training materials in this post on CD. You are welcome to borrow what you find useful. Unfortunately, I think some of the links for tools are now dead.

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