Electrical Wiring on compressor

We can’t not wire the compressor spike to the sidecar. The sidecar cable only goes one way. But it says that the wires need to be placed in the opposite direction. A B - but the black wire goes in first using the PWM cables.

On the spike it says B is the end on the cable, and the other two slots are blank. We don’t know what to do, please help.

Could you be a little bit more clear with what you want help with. For me it is hard to understand

The spike is used to control the compressor. It is wired
to the relay outputs of the digital side car, these have the
row of LEDs. Refer to page 28 of the data sheet, there is
a picture.


The black line on the pwm cable goes to the gnd pin.
On the spike, the black line goes to the B pin.

You should be sure to run the compressor in the right
direction with your software.

all of that is connected properly, at least as far as the diagram and black to black etc. The issue is likely going to be found to be a programming one - however, i’ll describe the problem as it stands and get some help!

the spike has a light - it lights up. 12V incoming to the spike, none going out of the spike. When compressor is just hooked up to a battery, it does blow air. when hooked up to the spike, nothing.

We’re stuck and can’t figure it out - the programmer claims the code is set to enable compressor when buttons are pushed, but we push the buttons and nothing happens.

thanks in advance!

You should check out the FRC Diagnostic Window application on Think Tank. It provides direct low-level access to all of the robot’s I/O. You should be able to VERY quickly set the relay output states to confirm operation.

Also, I assume that your robot is enabled and the RSL light is properly lit?


That’s probably it right there. Most teams (and I would suspect the default) configure it to be automatic on the pressure switch. If it’s got a full tank already, it probably won’t trigger no matter what you do until you drain the tanks.

  1. Think Tank? FRC Diagnostic Window? We are clueless (rookies with no practice in labview, or programming robots)
  2. RSL blinks - is that properly lit? flashes, no lights, flashes, no lights.