Electrionic Board Troubleshooting

On our electronic board now, just powering it up for the first time, we are getting some trouble now. When the boards light, light up, everything does except the Digitial sidecard and the jaguar speed controls don’t light up. They are all wired correctly and double checked. Any hints on as to what the problem is?

did you remember to put in the fuses in the power distribution box? both the jags and the side car work off of there so that could be your problem.

Would it be possible to post a picture of your wiring? When you say that everything except the DSC and Jags powered up what all does this include?

You may want to make sure that the Wago terminals are grabbing only the wire and not the insulation. This appears to be a common error when using these terminals.

Also my Thursday class is canceled this week due to damage to the EE building so I could probably come by anytime tomorrow if you are interested. Send me a PM, email or give me a call (I believe I PMed you my info a while ago).

Yes, i will def stay in touch, we have much work to be done, ill discuss it with our advisor when i see him. I’ll PM you sometime early morning tomorrow. But I will check our wiring and all again. Much thanks!

A very common failure is to strip too little insulation off the wires into the PD. As a result, a few teams have had Digital Sidecars that looked like they were wired properly but, in fact, weren’t getting power.

If the 5V LED on the Sidecar is lit but faint and the 6V and 12V LEDs are off, you probably need to remove some more insulation from the wires in the PD and reinstall the cables.

You could also have the wires swapped at the Sidecar’s power input.

Make sure all 3 of the Sidecar’s power LEDs are on.