Electromagnet Legality

I am trying to figure out if an electromagnet is legal. I have a electromagnet that releases a mechanism at the start of the match so that a pair of springs can move it into position. I think that this would be legal as a electrical solenoid actuator. Also would a 5v one be legal as the manual mentions only 12v? (Page 75, R34)

Previous threads tend to be about lifting defenses in Stronghold. However, as my mechanism is contained in the robot and not effecting the field.

See Q162.

Since this is a program intended to encourage STEM education, you may want to look up how to calculate the physical forces you can achieve and the currents and voltages you will need. Pay paritcular attention to hwo the forces vary with distance from the electromagnet. When I have seen electromagnes used, they are generally custom designed and custom manufactured for a particular application so they will not likely to be readily available and force you to make your own. Without know more about your application, my gut feeling is that you will be better off looking for a different solution, say a servo.