Can we use an electomagnetic magnets in our robot?
Also, if we can, what are the limitations on size, ect.


The rules for the 2012 season have not been released yet.

Here are the rulings from the 2011 season:




Although if you’re asking for FTC, you may have different rules on the use of electromagnets.

Either way, the rules on their use or disuse are typically taken to the appropriate Q&A system; I’d suggest checking there.

P.S. Those rulings are from the FRC 2010 season. I don’t recall anybody asking during the FRC 2011 season.

It doesn’t apply to FTC, but…

There was one 2011 FRC Q&A about electromagnets.

Use of Electromagnet
Posted by 2011FRC2791 at 02/09/2011 04:04:23 pm
We are looking at designing a spring loaded drawbridge platform for mini-bot deployment. Is it legal to use an electromagnet to release the drawbridge? The electromagnet would not have any moving parts.

Re: Use of Electromagnet
Posted by GDC at 02/14/2011 09:39:14 am
There is no explicit rule prohibiting electromagnets. However, any such device would qualify as a custom circuit/additional electronics. As such, the device must satisfy all applicable custom circuit/additional electronics rules. In addition, an electromagnet must not be used to construct a solenoid actuator, as that would be a violation of Rule <R46>.

I have been pushing for electromagnets and electric solenoids for many years, this year might be the time. If you put yourself in the place of the GDC, there does need to be some limitations. Teams can’t be allowed to have huge magnets that might affect other robots, have huge electrical loads or a solenoid that is big enough to supply additional power to a robot mechanism. As always, if allowed, all other rules for the robot would apply.

@scobots11: Here’s the FTC GDC’s decision for last year’s game… I’d assume the same rules apply.

I wouldn’t, just to be safe, it is best to ask.

The 2011 (Bowled Over! season) FTC Q&A forum addresses this question in post #6:


The FRC and the FTC GDC are not the same body. Considering the electrical supply for FRC and FTC, there is a smaller danger of fire with a wind your own electromagnet in FTC. Again, 2012 FRC rules are not published. Please standby…