Electronic Scouting App compatible with Apple products (Preferably an iPad)

Hello Chief Delphi Members,

     So my team was wondering if there are any scouting apps for the current year, that are usable on an iPad or an iPhone. I've seen applications for previous years, but none for this year so far. I was wondering if anyone knows of any applications that are compatible with Apple products or of one in development.
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I actually just finished writing a web based app for iOS and Android, and I plan on releasing the code shortly. It installs through the “Add to home screen” button in safari or chrome. Would anyone else be interested in this code?

Yeah, I would. I’m currently working on a web-based scouting interface for our team, however it’s only for laptops/desktops. I’d like to have a mobile interface too, but if you’ve already developed one then it’s easier to use that.

I’ll put the source code for the web-based app on Github once I’m finished and post on CD. :smiley:

I would like to write a scouting app with the ability to generate graphs and manipulate the data with tons of processing power. However, my application fell to the fact that I find it hard to come up with a database schema. If anyone could point out something to help me start out, I’d like to run c++ on the server and generate graphs, separate the data and basically filter out the best picks! I believe that requires graphviz though.

I’ll probably be using OpenCV for this :smiley:

By the way, my application is to be used as CrowdScout, and will run on my own server. It’d be hard to make it redistributable.

Team 1261 will be releasing one on Stop Build Day. It has the ability to work with any platform, as it is web based. Additionally optimization is being done to ensure it works with most tablets.

Our iOS app is nearly done. Last year we got it in the App Store and intend to do the same this year.

[Note: I’m on the same team as the OP]

Thank you for this. We saw your app last year, and loved it, but we just didn’t have enough time to start using it. This year we are probably going to use it. Do you have any idea when it is going to be released? We are attending a week 1 event, and we might even want to do a test run on a week 0 scrimmage webcast. And I want a chance to play around with it before then.

To everybody else: we appreciate you guys making your scouting systems public, but the main reason we wanted an iOS scouting system was because every student in our school has an iPad. Almost all of these iPads don’t have data on them, so using web-based scouting system doesn’t really work for us.

Our school received iPads too, we’re actually trying to develop a program that can run off the Bluetooth, so that we don’t get into any trouble with the field management system. I’m not on that team but if we gain any progress I don’t see why we couldn’t share it

I co-develop the award-winning IPA system we use at 3138 (we use 10" Android Tablets, so it’s a similar use case). Our system is an HTML5 webapp designed to be used as a strategy system, as opposed to an alliance selections aide.

The thread pre-CMP last year: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=116017

We’ve overhauled the system pretty drastically both UI- and statistics-wise for this year - keep an eye on this board as we’ll probably be doing an an annoucement in the coming week or two (we have a week one event this year which has definitely streamlined our development process!)

If concerned about manpower, our system this year is designed to use minimum 3 (up to 5) scouts plus a drive team dashboard tablet/laptop.

EDIT: Noticed your comment about them not having data. This is something you could accomplish with a 4G USB modem + Bluetooth PAN / Ethernet connections if that’s a possibility for your team. Our team used that setup at both Crossroads and IRI (went as spectators) last year and it worked out.

We used one at Madtown last year. It is an HTML5 or has the ability to be shared with a QR Code. We don’t like to put our apps in the App Store because we include chaperone contact information in them.