Electronic Signature

In the awards section of the FRC manual it states that this year the chairmans award submission needs to be signed by the Team Captain/Student Representative and a team mentor to say that the content is complete and accurate. How will this electronic signature happen? Will there be a form to fill out for a sign off or do teams need some kind of special computer pen to be able to see their signatures on screen?

It will be entering the names into two fields during the submission process. These two names will show up on the print out that the judges get.


What is exactly meant by an electronic signature? Can a signature be scanned in or do we need to actually purchase a certificate with a signature?

Two members of the team, an adult and a student leader need to read the submission and then type their names into the spots provided indicating they have read the submission and agree that it is complete and accurate. No scanning or special software required.

So those 2 people just have to type their names in.