Electronic Speed Control Problems

Whenever I try and calibrate the speed controls they spark. Now everytime I turn on the robot they spark. Anybody had the same problem? Any Ideas?

Have you checked for metal shavings or other debries? Also in retrospect check the power running into the victors with a multimeter. Are the motors still functioning normally?

where did the sparks come from - under the fan? by the wire terminals?

you might have a frayed wire shorting across the input terminals.

Sparks are bad! It is not something you usually can come back from, they are not self healing. Sparks are usually caused by one of two things, overcurrent in the controller (ala tank treads and hard turning or a shorted motor) and/or metal shavings. Since there is only one device on the controller designed to emit light, replace it and try again.

I blew out the speed controls with an air compressor so there are no metal shavings and the sparks are located under the fan. When the speed controls started to spark the motors would spin irratically. Starting and stopping in wierd incriments.

Unless there is some sort of conductive debris in the FETS(the components under the fan) I do not see how it is physically possibly for them to spark. Is there any way you can post a pic of the sparks or your electrical setup?

how casn you be sure you blew them all out? unless you actually voided the warrenty and took the casing off to blow it off, you cant be sure. and for the sparks being under the fan, the more likely you got shavings in there. and erratic movement… shorting? or interference to the radio… which i dont think happens very often… im suprised after all these sparks you speak of it still functions somewhat…

For all,
Once the FETs have become comprimised it is possible for them to spark for a while before total destruction. The initial damage will blow the case open showering molten semiconductor inside the case. The sparks are always accompanied by a really bad burning smell. It is a smell you will never forget, the death throes of a power FET and it’s melting case.
This is not a survivable event, replace the controller.

Thanks for your help. I think it was metal shavings or they could of been bad speed controls from earlier years that someone forgot to throw away.

i odnt think they just “go bad” so it could be metal shavings from recent or metal shavings from a while ago

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