Electronics Board & Design

From years past, I recall teams posting their designs/crazy wiring on their electronics board for their robot. Has anyone completed any of their electronics that may want to share? Stuff from last year is welcome too.

I’ve seen a few posts on the photos ,
842 - http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/29590
488 - http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/29506

I’ve always really liked 1676’s-

And 488 has some of the cleanest electrical setups.

I really liked team 118’s electrical board from last year.


… and if you think you can’t take weight out of the plate of the electrical board you are so wrong.

I like how 111 does it (sorry, can’t find a pic). They zip-tie parts and wires to perforated aluminum and use barrel disconnects on the components. In fact, I like their method so much we’re pretty much copying it. The only major difference is that, instead of perf. aluminum, we are using perf. PVC (we like non-conductive board materials).

AusTIN Cans 2158 had some interesting ideas on fold up electronics last year.

Sorry, no photos so far, but 1533 has been inspired by 111’s designs, particularly in keeping wiring to the drive motors minimized. Our twist on it will be to split into two boards - the primary board has the 120A breaker, terminal block, maxi-block, and drive motor Victors, the secondary board has all the rest. The primary board gets mounted low and close to the battery and drive motors (where it makes the most sense) and the secondary board up a little higher, where the RC and related stuff is easier to get to…keeping a clear path to the 120A breaker, naturally. We’re toying with the idea of custom-made (or maybe just shortened) PWM cables to tidy things up as well.