Electronics Board Help

Our current design for our robot has little space for mounting, and our current electronics board design doesn’t fit within the size we have. We have the space outlined in the black squiggly circle in this picture: http://i.imgur.com/0yNPFXo.jpg?1
We would appreciate any help you guys could give us. Thanks!

Good luck.

RoboRio, PDP, PCM, VRM, motor controllers, and Radio?

Where is your Battery?

How much Vertical space do you have? All our electronics are mounted vertically this year. We actually have two panels, one on each side of the robot that runs parallel with the wheels. Looks like you could fit the roborio on one side, and the PDP on the other. everything else might fit in the black squiggly space.

Or, you can do some horizontal layers. Make sure your PDP is on top for inspection.

I am sorry to be so spectacularly unhelpful, but at this point (tomorrow is bag day) you’re in a lot of trouble. The bottom line is this: Which is more important, the <whatever> mounted atop that plywood at the rear, or battery/roborio/power/etc. The team needs to make a hard choice, today. Again, decide what is more important, because you can’t have it all.

Radio needs to be up higher, not down in the belly. Ideally not mounted to aluminum either.

First step is finding a place for the battery, then the PDP, and then the RoboRio. Be sure the main power switch(120A breaker) is accessible.

Second step is putting everything else wherever you can, including upside down, vertically, and so on.

Lastly, wire it all up.

Best of luck in your decision.