Electronics Board Material Choices


Thanks - I had considered suggesting Sintra to our team, as I’ve worked with it in cosplay, but now I’ll steer clear and leave these things to @philso :slight_smile:


We use Starboard, which we get from one of our sponsors, a glass company. Its an HDPE sheet basically, but it has some texture. Its been great to work with so far, and it machines and cuts just like delrin, which it is related to


Carbon Fiber is pretty cool.

Easily Removable Electrical Board Mount

CAD is pretty cool, but I prefer the real thing…


That is a piece of art! I like the wire manifolds. (I am a mechanical guy and I recognize that is probably the wrong terminology)


No words. They should have sent a poet. So beautiful. :cry:


Thank you - and I am saying that in place of the actual mentors and students that worked on it. The team really struggled to get it to this point. The amount we learned from building this thing is enormous - and we have one more (the competition module) to still build.

We are sending the Carbon Fiber out of shop for the next one. We recognize the amount of safety concerns are not worth doing this in shop. All of our cutting and sanding had to be done under water (we had to water abatement systems to deal with the dust). However, we did have a lot of fun and purchased some new toys - turns out electric tools do not work to well under water, so now we have built up our arsenal of pneumatic tools.


We love using poly because it is easy to see through and rigid enough to support the weight of the controls, but we can still bend it so we can get good shapes.


Beautiful @Chief_Hedgehog! What are you using to group the powerpoles in the middle of the sandwich? Thanks!