Electronics Inspection

Hey Everyone
I was just wondering if it was legal to mount the electronics facing down. Our electronics were facing down (against the ground) where you cannot see the lights. I was wondering if it was legal. We can flip the bot up so the inspectors can see the lights, but they cannot be seen otherwise. The signal light and the router can be seen.

As far as I know the only lights you have to show are the orange signal light and the bridge’s lights on the field.

Thank You

R53 requires the Dlink lights be visible to field personnel so observe that rule (edit, looks like you have that one covered). Also take special care if you are attempting to mount the cRIO upside down ::safety::

Besides the dlink and rsl, there is no FIRST rule stopping you from mounting the electronics in any orientation you choose. However, I would advise you mount them in a visible spot anyways, as it is helpful to see what is going wrong without having to flip the robot each time. I also advise you take care with mounting the cRio and digital sidecar in a manner that is secure.

However the components do need to be accessible during robot inspection.

Technically only the RSL and d-link lights need to be visible, but the field personnel can tell many things from the lights, even the lights on the jaguars and spikes can help troubleshot a problem. Think very carefully about doing this.

If at all possible, mount them so they are accessible without flipping the robot over, you will regret the decision to mount them under the bot many times at the competition and afterward when you need to access it, or check the connections (which you should do before every match).

There are more rules that require visibility of components than those already listed. Turning over the robot to show inspectors and field personnel is not something you should consider good design. Electronics mounted upside down also expose them to parts lifted from the field by your robot just driving around.

That is true for the field but as Al mentioned, if you have electronics mounted that are not visible, the inspectors cannot pass your robot.