Electronics Layouts

What’s your team’s electronics layout like this year?

It’s a hot mess!


It’s a pile of wire.

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MrForbes… your electrical team said its GREAT! Must be programming teams fault!

Just kidding :slight_smile:


Wish we had the space for that…

Designed it all in CAD to make sure it would fit on the bot first

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It’s just that we don’t actually have the space on the robot.

Is been working fine in all our matches. It’s just a bit disorganized, wires running everywhere.

As good as we could get it in two days! (We bagged the robot wit under a minute left)

Yes I know it is late, I just really like how this looks

I showed the front view to show how close the clearance was on the two track systems😂 talk about cutting it close

I hope that you are going to install a shield over your electronics. It is a few points penalty for another to stick something inside your frame perimeter, if the Ref sees it. It could cost your team many hours to repair the resulting damage.

You have wiring rather close to the treads in several places. The Refs will not be giving out any penalties if any of your wiring gets sucked into your treads and gets ripped out.

Yeah this was all last year. It worked very well. We obviously put a shield up lol. But no wires got ripped out because we leveled all the wires and if you look closely we put zipties on a ziptie to keep it level. It worked perfecto.

We have an idea of where we want things on the robot. That’s about it so far. Design team generously left some space for the electrical team

If you need some help just DM me, I have been doing electrical for a decent time and can make it all look preettttyyy cool.

EDIT: :sunglasses:

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