Do we need a cover over our electronics on the robot?

There’s nothing in the rules that says you should have one but its usually recommended to protect some of your most expensive and fragile components.

The rules answer: Not required. (Matter of fact, if you cover the main breaker with no access, your inspector is supposed to make you make it easily accessible.)

However, I’m going to make a suggestion based on experience:

You want those electronics covered, as they will take a bit of a beating from a number of sources if they aren’t. You really don’t want a ball hitting your main breaker…

How do you connect the Bosch AHC-2 motor eclectically?

Fasten your components and wiring and you’re in pretty good shape. If your components face out, you may consider a thin Lexan cover attached with velcro. If they face inside, you may not need any cover at all. You’ve already got the good advice not to leave your main breaker vulnerable to balls and touchy-feely other robots. (Alliance mates can bump into you as easily as opponents!) If it faces inside, make sure it’s easy to get to, and you label the best spots to reach it from.

You can learn a lot from past robot designs. Do a Google image search for FRC robots, and FRC electronics. You’ll get an idea for what other teams have (and have not) done to protect theirs.