Does anybody know if I can use the fuses that come in the KOP (snap action) instead of the REV40A breaker in the new REV Power Distribution Hub?

Any comments?

Snap-Action 40A won’t fit in the PDH.

All others should be OK.

All Fuses (10-40A) that REV makes can be used in the PDP or the PDH. All fuses that snap-action makes upto 30A are compatible with the PDH. The 40A snap-action breaker is a Maxi size that is not compatible with the PDH.


A follow on: I tried to put an older 20A fuse (the ones used in the PDP) into the PDH (nothing powered on mind you). The tabs do fit width wise, but they seem to be too long and I could not get the fuse completely seated. There was still a 2-3 mm gap vertically between the surface of the PDH and the bottom of the fuse body.

Is this “correct”? Is there some way to get them fully seated. It feels wrong to have the connectors somewhat exposed; if some metal falls in, it could short.

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I think “correct” is up for debate, but it is definitely expected, yes.

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The tab length on snap action is longer than the tabs on REV breakers. It will function just fine with the gap that you are talking about, but if you are concerned about it you can address it in a few ways.

  1. wrap some electrical tape the width of the gap up by the breaker body covering any potential exposed metal

  2. cut the fuse tabs to length ( I think this one would need a rules Q&A, about modifying electronics, but from a practical perspective it would be fine)

  3. 3d print a small spacer to fill the gap

We have not heard of any people having issues with these gaps existing, but if it is something your team is worried about, there are solutions you can do.



Per R710, you should not be cutting breaker/fuse tabs to length. Exception R710R suggests:

R. adding insulating material to exposed conductors on PDH/PDP breakers and fuses

Less helpfully, see Q128.