Elevate Your Game a huge success!

Yesterday, team 1619 provided 80 leaders from 15 teams from across Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming with a full day of top notch training to prepare us all for a more effective and efficient off season and build season for the 2018 game. Thanks so much to the mentors of 1619 for all of their hard work on our behalf.

I’d also like to thank the student leaders from my team, 1339, for setting up the space (and returning it to it’s normal classroom configuration afterwards), and for serving as guides to the bathroom. The 1339 parents provided lunch, a huge thanks to them as well.

Sounds awsome!

I’m glad it went well! I wanted to go but by the time I was ready to sign up it was already full! I’m looking forward to see how it positively impacts our region this year. Thanks to 1339 and 1619.

This is really interesting. Looking forward to the 2018 game. :slight_smile: