Elevate Your Game, Colorado!

If you are part of a team within easy drive of the Colorado Front Range, please consider yourselves invited to this event. Co-hosted by teams 1619 (Up-A-Creek) and 1339 (AngelBotics). Feel free to contact me through CD for additional details or to RSVP. The date is September 30th.

Join us at the home of Team 1339 – Angelbotics (Denver East High School) for this 1‐day seminar on improving the on‐field performance of your FRC Team. Angelbotics and Up‐A‐Creek Robotics are dedicated to improving the collective performance of FRC teams from the Mountain West and encourage you to attend this session focused solely on helping your team improve all aspects of your competitive performance. We understand that winning isn’t the only thing, but it sure is fun!

Mentors from Up‐A‐Creek Robotics will discuss wide‐ranging topics from Off‐Season Preparations to Game Analysis to On‐Field Coaching in this 1‐day, information‐packed event. This event is targeted at the Mentors and Student Leaders of area teams. We’d like to limit attendance to 6 people per FRC Team (at least initially) to ensure as many teams as possible can take part. If space is available closer to the event, we’ll lift this restriction and invite everyone interested.

The event is free of charge, and we will provide lunch and snacks. We hope to see many teams from our region participate! Colorado is going to be in full Beast Mode for 2018.

Glad to see this is happening. Hope it goes well!

This there going to be another Elevate your Game day?

This was a great for us, we would love to do it again

Thanks to 1339 and 1619 for putting it together last year

Will you be recording any of these sessions?