Elevated bots

the definition of Elevated is
ELEVATED: A ROBOT that is completely above the plane of the PLATFORM and in contact with the TOWER shall be considered ELEVATED.
Does this mean you can get 2 pts for just being on the platform? Or am I being too much of a lawyer


Nope - on the platform is completely above it (and it’s a pretty hard surface for anyone thinking about the possibility of sinking below it :D),

In fact, the game animation specifically points this out as being legal and counting.

The robot will receive the 2 point bonus if on the platform. <G04> b This was discussed during kickoff and can be seen during the game animation. (note. dont always look to the animation for rulings)

Does this mean that the robot that could be hanging off another robot has to be above the platform too?

The definition of SUSPENDED is A ROBOT only in contact with an ELEVATED ROBOT and/or a SUSPENDED ROBOT shall be considered SUSPENDED.

It does not state whether the robot needs to be above the platform or not. My guess: it doesn’t have to be.

“Above the plane of the platform” means that every molecule of your robot is above the infinitely thin plane that is parallel to the top of the platform. Since the top of the platform isn’t perfectly smooth, that would be impossible, but the general idea as measurable by the human eye is that as long as you don’t have anything drilled through or hanging off of the side of the platform, you are above that plane. I guess this means if you have any loose cables or wires, they’d better not hang down too far.

If you have any loose cables or wires, secure them and you avoid this problem and a multitude of other problems entirely.

If your elelvated yeah 2 pts, If your suspended its 3 pts.

This also means you should be able to drive onto a robot on the platform and get three points for the one one top, right?

That seems to be the implication.

their are some other people wondering this too. We should ask. Might acutally be the best idea