Elevated on the platform...First time?

In Qualification #95 of the Virginia Regional, my team (3136) drove up our alliance-mate’s (Kilroy-335) ramp-bot on to the platform scoring two points. Is this the first time this has been done in Breakaway?

Hey there, I’m from team 339 “Kilroy” and am excited to give your team a massive thanks for not only trying out our ramp, but successfully climbing it! It seems like every time we found a team who was willing to try our ramp, they broke down somewhere. For a while I was beginning to worry that our ramp was cursed or something - lots of people wanted to try, but they all went through some horrid robot or field failure before finally getting the opportunity to.

All of that said, you are indeed the first to climb our ramp specifically and at the two regional competitions I went to (Washington DC and Virginia) I didn’t see this sort of strategy ever work for other teams, so we may perhaps have a first? I’d really like to hear some confirmation on this. On the bus ride home my entire team was geeking out about that round and wanted desperately to get in contact with you guys to say thanks for putting our hard work to use. You guys were excellent teammates! We’re still trying to collect photos from the event and I’ll post once I can find a good one with our two robots in there.

It was an amazing endgame! :slight_smile: I got to see the end of the match when 3136 was on the platform, but I didn’t get to see the actual whole match. Good job to both of your teams!

With all this talk of ramps, lets hope that a soccer ball doesn’t cause a repeat of '07](http://www.thebluealliance.net/tbatv/match/2007cmp_f1m3). :wink:

Next up…the first double ramp elevation.

Thank you guys! We really, really wanted to go up a ramp bot. Major props need to go to our driver Kevin. He hit your ramp perfectly. I’ve looking pretty closely a some of the pictures and he had to. If our wheels were about inch farther apart, we would have been drive on the metal guard rails of your ramp and we probably would have fallen off.

This accomplish is as much yours as it is ours. It was your bot, your ramp. We were just in the right place at the right time. I don’t know if you know but originally team 1095 was going to go up the ramp but they got caught on the wrong side of the field at the finally.

It was an awesome experience and both of our teams should feel pretty awesome about it. On a related side note: I still don’t completely have my voice back from yelling after the end of that match.

Here is some pictures: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=940150#post940150

Or…let’s hope it does again;)

video please?

I’ll have photos here eventually, as far as videos go I’ll have to see if anyone on my team took one if there’s nothing from other alliance members. Otherwise, wait on TheBlueAlliance.

i was actually thinking earlier today about if that was possible x)

No video, however someone posted a picture.
Edit: Another from the side

Ah yes, thank you so much! I was afraid nobody had pictures of this, once again, I’m stoked that this strategy worked in the end, not only did it work, but also saved us from losing the round too!

Thanks so much! I was afraid no pictures existed of this. Not only did we finally get to see our strategy in action, but it saved us from losing the match!

Is that a prediction? :stuck_out_tongue:
If so let’s hope the Buckeye scheduler gives 48 and another bot that can climb (or that 48 can push) a match with 1629’s ramps. I’d love to see it. GaCo just got those ramps under the weight limit later in qualifications at Chesapeake. Seen them deployed but none really tried to climb 'em. However it should be easy enough (less than incline of bump + grip tape :slight_smile: )
Make it happen, Travis! :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah the timing on that to was just great because there was none when this happen last second thing

McVey: Hey if Kevan is coming next year tell I hope to see him there form Ed thanks and also I glad we could test your ramp i think we enjoyed it as much as yall did

Nice job on the ramp! We got one team with a ramp on our alliance. It droppd the ramp early for a G30, and then when we tried to go up the ramp we fell off the side and nearly flipped. I thought none of these ramp designs could work too well. Congrats!

One team at SVR did manage to deploy a ramp, but the alliance’s robots either 1.) ran out of time or 2.) could not conquer the slope of the ramp.

Team 675 had one at Silicon Valley but as far as I know, they didn’t use it during an official match.

Team 115 actually went ontop of it on the practice field though and saw that it was possible but a little hard to implement on the field.

I liked the idea of this though :slight_smile:

after looking back at those pictures, Kilroy what is the angle on your ramp? looks like more than 45 more like 50-60… i’m not sure if we could have climbed it if we didn’t have the drive system we did (plaction wedgetop wheels and 4 cims on 16:1 gearboxes)… i wonder how many teams could have actually gotten up that slope, and i realize now that our wheels just barely fit on the width of your ramp lol

675 did deploy their ramp during matches at least twice (three times, I believe). I’m pretty sure I missed one time while I was in the pit, but I watched them deploy it for GRT (192). 192 successfully climbed the ramp, but when time expired, one of their wheels had fallen between the edge of the ramp and the platform. Since it was below the plane of the platform, they were not awarded a bonus. The last time 675 deployed the ramp was for my team, 3129, in our second-to-last qualification match (Match #74). We were about halfway up it when it buckled. I told them afterward that we were sorry for breaking it, but they said it wasn’t our fault and they just needed to adjust a suspension cable.

I wish we could have climbed it, though! Oh well, it was pretty exciting anyway. :rolleyes: