Elevator Bearing Blocks

Hello, hope all is well.

We were recently doing research on elevators and thus Elevator Bearing Blocks. I came across Rev’s set (Elevator Bearing Blocks - REV Robotics), however they were out stock.

So I had a few questions I was hoping someone could answer.

 Do we have an update when the above blocks will be back in stock?

 Are there better sets available for purchase?

 What methods are there to manufacture Bearing Blocks?

Thank you in advance.

We used simple blocks of UHMWPE as our elevator bearings in 2018 and 2022. Getting tolerances right so that you don’t have too much play or friction can be a little tricky but once you have it built they are rock solid.

Did you purchase them or manufacture them? Are those 3d printed?

There is a pretty good thread going on about this, and the community seems to think that there are better solutions:

The WCP ones are in stock.

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We mill them from solid blocks of plastic. We tried igus filament 3d printed sliding elements on a telescoping climb in 2021, with mediocre results mostly due to the tubing and design flaws. I think you could 3d print the blocks we use, but it would use a lot of filament to be strong enough.

In 2018 we used a table saw and drill press for most of the fabrication, but we upgraded our mill so now we use a mill for most of it. We actually cut slots in our tubes so that a block can run inside the tube at the bottom and we can have guides on all side of the tube at the top.