Elevator options?

Are there any better elevator systems/kits available? Thoughts on this kit?

The Greyt Elevator is sold through West Coast Products, and was designed by the Greybots. It’s available here:


Also, REV makes excellent stuff. Both the Greyt and REV elevator kits are great quality, but how well you implement them will have more to do with your team’s capability and attention to detail. I saw one of these poorly implemented last year, to the point where it barely functioned.

We used two different linear motion kits on our bot last year, one from VexPro and one from Andymark. VexPro ships fast and has a Canadian warehouse in the Toronto area which is a big deal as last year ordering from Andymark through our Canadian equivalent had us delayed by two weeks waiting for parts.

(Scroll to the bottom of the page its on the right part# 217-4399

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Do you know the max height that the Greyt Elevator base kit can reach/extend.

There is no max, that is determined by the tubing pieces you use to make the elevator. It is a cascade model, if that helps. We purchased two last year and still have one sitting in the box.

If the pick up mechanism in an out in front of the elevator. Is there any chance that there will be binding in the bearings of the elevator?

Did you prefer one kit over the other?

At this point in the season, I always prefer the part that’s in stock. And seriously, all the kits (Greyt, AM, VP, REV) are fine products.

The vex pro and greyt are quite similar. The Andy Mark version is a little more beefy with larger fasteners and bearings, and nylon rollers for the “inners” as opposed to bearings. While I don’t care for the extra beef, I do appreciate that all the rollers are encapsulated in 1 bracket setup for the AM version. They will all work well if they are used correctly.

We are using this kit (or a rendition of it) on our bot. It is pretty slick but the instructions are kind of hard to follow especially in the rigging of it all, but I did find a good video on youtube about it.

They both performed well but if I were to need to make another lift I would choose the VexPro kit.

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How do you get these elevators to the top of the rocket? Theoretically, there’s no maximum height with these kits, but with the FRC max 48” requirement, it seems like each stage is only capable of roughly 36” if lift which seems to be short of what we need.

What am I missing?

More than two stages on your elevator or a mechanism on the end of the elevator that can pivot or lift to score higher.