Elimination Tie in NC

The very first match in eliminations at the NC Regional ended in a tie…so we waited to see what the resolution was. Well, the first tie breaker is assist points…they were identical, the second tie breaker was auto points…they were also identical, thus it ended an ACTUAL tie. Red then beat blue in two more matches, never the less it was interesting.

There are actually a couple more steps in the tie-breaker process which makes this even more unusual.

5.4.4 Elimination Scoring
In the Elimination MATCHES, Teams do not earn Qualification Points; they earn a Win, Loss or Tie. Within each series of the Elimination MATCH bracket, the first ALLIANCE to win two (2) MATCHES will advance.

In the case where the MATCH score of each ALLIANCE is equal, the tie is broken by awarding an extra point to the ALLIANCE with (in the following order):

highest number of FOUL points awarded (i.e. the ALLIANCE that played the cleaner MATCH)
if FOUL points are equal, highest number of ASSIST points
if ASSIST points are equal, highest number of AUTO points
if AUTO points are equal, highest sum of TRUSS and CATCH points

If the criteria above are equal, the MATCH is a Tie. Additional matches will be played if needed.


The first tiebreaker is actually FOUL points (AKA, cleaner match)–I assume those were equal. Also, were truss/catch points (#4 elim tiebreaker) equal as well? There are 4 tiebreakers; you listed the #2 and #3. (I think you were thinking of ranking ties, which do not apply to elimination ties.)

Regardless of the exact tiebreakers that were tied, getting an actual tie in eliminations is a pretty tough feat to pull off.

There was a tie in elims at Tech Valley this past weekend too. It was decided by assist points I believe but it was still exciting to wait for the conclusion.

Props to Angry Eric and all of the MC’s for events this year. I think that they have been more helpful than usual in explaining some of the finer points of the game for the audience (what happens during dead balls, tie breakers, scoring, etc.)

Sorry - Head still a bit foggy from the weekend. Yes… All things equal
zero foul points, equal assists, auto, and TC.

The announcer stated “both teams played equally well” but after watching the match - putting the zero foul points aside, and focusing on the 39 -39 final score, I think both alliances would agree that for this match at least they played “equally badly”. It was not either’s shining moment…both were actually great alliances.

There was another tie in eliminations at Hub City. The #3 alliance wound up losing to the #7 alliance due to having fewer assist points.

One of the robots on the #3 alliance (ours) had been struggling with a disconnected controller, and forced the tie at the last second with a high goal. We lost the next match due to a technical foul.

On the plus side, we got the chance to watch an amazing set of finals by the #7 alliance, who came within one match of bumping off the #2, #3, and #1 alliances.