'ello 'ello

Hi hi…Im new on the boards, but, am on the Wissahickon robotics team. hello to all…and…er…er…er…yeah…Hi? :eek:



Hello to this wonderful forum! I have been here for a while (as some other people have) and i’m sure you will enjoy your stay!

Welcome to Chiefdelphi.com! :slight_smile:


Hi, nice to meet ya!


Is your name pronounced “lay-nah” or “lah-nah”?

Welcome! Welcome! :slight_smile:


yeah, I been here for a while now, but I still don’t really get this too! heheh it’s okay. I think!?! :smiley:

HI to everyone thats new! im Court from team 111! lol :smiley:

welcome. stay away from here if you want to have more time away from the computer. *i warned you

As the first from Team 714 to post on the Chief Delphi forums, I’d just like to say ‘Hello!’ to everyone! I’ve been reading these boards for a few weeks now but never really posted so I just thought I’d introduce myself and I hope I get to know some of you and maybe we’ll even meet at the competitons! :smiley:

Welcome. Post often.
Represent your team well.

join the club, i’m new too…i’ve already made my series of stupid mistakes

one thing i’ve noticed: this is wayyy tooo addicting. where do these ppl get time??? but that’s okay, i enjoy long walks to my computer at 2am (from my desk 2 feet away) and discussing robotics on to the internet until early morning (as sarcastic as i sound…i’m being serious)

Well First off like to say welcome to all the new members. I have been around this board for quite awhile but not as long as the people i like to call lifers (ex 2001 members). You will find the CD community a very useful community and to find great friends that have the same interest as you. Don’t be afraid to post, just remember to follow the simple rules and everything will be just peachy

Here is a thread that will lead all the new members the right way
CD commandments

And just remember even though these are your own opinions, you do represent yourself and the rest of your team

happy posting

Hi! :slight_smile: