Email about locked CD account?

I just received an email from [email protected] that reads,

"Dear Madison,

Your account on Chief Delphi has been locked because someone has tried to log into the account with the wrong password more than 5 times. You will be able to attempt to log in again in another 15 minutes.

The person trying to log into your account had the following IP address:"

Has anyone else received similar?

*I * don’t even know what my CD password is and though this says my account was locked, I’m able to write this from a browser on which I stay logged in.

That IP is theoretically in Ukraine.

I don’t know what to tell you, but that’s really kind of unnerving.

So “Madison” is going to start spamming now? :yikes: Clever trick if they can get away with it.

Have you used any proxies to access Chief Delphi recently?

It’s probably a bot trying to take over accounts. I had an email earlier this morning from someone who had the same thing happen.

I’ve banned all Ukraine IPs (in addition to the other countries that are banned) so hopefully this won’t happen again. Until they use IPs from other countries.

I have had this sort of thing happen a LOT with message forums I have run. They go through common usernames until the admin blocks them like CD did. :slight_smile: