Email Buddies/FIRST Contact Program

Hey! This is Victoria Griscom from Team 3999, Shadetree Robotics. Ok, so I was wondering if it might be a good idea for us students and possibly even some mentors to start an email system? The FIRST community is large, and I know that I meet someone new every time I attend a competition or event. One of the greatest parts of FIRST is the discovery of new friends that share your interests.

Anyways, I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in participating? All you would have to do is post your email and maybe a few sentences about yourself.

For example, I’ll start with myself:

My name is Victoria Griscom and I am a member of Team 3999, Shadetree Robotics, in Texas. I enjoy engineering and plan on attending TAMU’s engineering college in the fall for mechanical engineering. I love FIRST, and I hope to be able to mentor next year whenever I have free time from college. I am in charge of my team’s engineering notebook and I am the Head Writer for our team. I manage awards under our award group leader, and I love my part on the team!! I love to meet new people and experience new things~

My email is: [email protected]

Hope to hear from some of you soon!!! Hopefully we can really get this going so that students will feel more involved.
Another thing! If you do decide to take up someone’s email, please post it so that everyone knows that they have a buddy and then PM your choice so that they also know. :slight_smile: Thanks everyone! Good luck on this year’s game!!!

My name is Valerie Moore and I am a member team 2022, Titan Robotics. I am a Senior at The Illinois Math and Science Academy, and plan on attending WPI in the fall majoring in Robotics Engineering. I love being able to solve a problem, especially if it means fixing something. I am the Head of Mechanical, as well as the Head of Outreach, and a member of the ABBR (Advancement Beyond Building Robots) selection committee. I am a big fan of meeting meeting and getting to know random FRC people.

I don’t want to give out my email address, but you can pm me or find me on Facebook I wouldn’t mind chatting.

My name is Joseph Cupchack and I was on Team 68 Truck Town Thunder for 3 years. I’m a senior at Brandon High School(swapping to online school next semester). Next year I’ll be heading off to Oakland Community College for 2 years and then off to Georgia Tech to my Masters in Computer Science. I’m not on a team right now, but I still have a strong love for scouting and strategy and follow FRC closely, I’m even on a Fantasy FIRST team.

My email is: [email protected]

I’m a college student also but I’ll throw my name in as well.

My name is Dave Givens. During high school, I was a member of Team Max 1071. During my time on the team, I was public relations sub-team lead. It was being involved with this sub-team that set me on the current path I’m on towards working in Marketing Communications or Public Relations.

I’m a freshman at the University of Connecticut, studying marketing. (Go Huskies!). I still help out 1071 when I can while I’m home. My main involvement in FIRST this year is being an event volunteer. I’ll be volunteering at several district events in NE, including it’s District Championship. I’m also one of the PR coordinators for a District Planning Committee in NE, using that as my way to start giving back.

PM me for my e-mail.

One of my favorite parts of FIRST is all the people I get to meet so feel free to contact me. I can talk about anything from running PR/Marketing for your team, to FRC events, or to why UConn Basketball is awesome!


Gary is right on this. I really don’t care who has my e-mail, but to avoid spam I won’t be posting it publicly.

I’m Keegan McCrary and I’m on team 2438, 'Iobotics, from Honolulu, Hawaii. I’m a junior at 'Iolani school and a first-year captain for our team. This is my 3rd year on the fabrication crew and my 2nd as the driver. I’m excited to get to use all of the new machines we got in our new room!

[email protected]

I’ll also give this a shot.

My name is Taylor Childers. I was a member of Team 34 (The Rockets) for two years during high school. My favorite part was being a member of the drive team. I currently am the mentor for Team 538 (Dragon Slayers), my fiance’s old team. (FIRST is how we met.)

Also, I have been volunteering with FLL in Alabama for the past eight years, and I am “training” to become the FLL Operational Partner for the state in the next few years.

I am currently a senior elementary/special education major at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

My email is [email protected].

Hey people, haven’t you heard that you shouldn’t be posting email addresses in open forums? Do you want to get spam?

Goes straight to gmails spam folder.

Spam is one potential problem, but there are other reasons you should be mindful of protecting your online identity.

Hi! I’m from Iowa! I did FLL during Nano Quest and Power Puzzle. I got our TAG teacher interested in FLL, who has had 5 teams going strong since Power Puzzle. I was Co-Captain and Media Coordinator during Ultimate Assent for Team Neutrino 3928. Last year I went to the White House during the White House Science fair where I got to meet Carl Hayden Robotics Team, some FIRST board members, a Dean’s List member, and Bill Nye.

Currently I’m beginning my first year mentoring Radical Tech 2167 down here at Northwest Missouri State University. We’re headed down to the KC regional this year.

Being in FIRST made me want to go into Mechanical Engineering, but I had to decide otherwise. While in 4-H (I was in for 12 years!) I got hooked on Geospatial Technology, so I’m double majoring in Geographic Information Sciences and Emergency & Disaster Management.

Anyway, feel free to tweet me (@drunneals) or email me (at an email I don’t care if it gets spammed :smiley: [email protected] :slight_smile:

Anyone who really wants my email that bad can just get it off my Facebook, there’s already plenty of information just on my CD profile to find it. Protecting my online identity is pretty important I agree, Identify theft can be devastating; But someone looking to steal money is going to have to find someone besides this 17 year old without a bank account =].

Alright, here goes nothing:

My name is Luis Trueba. I am a three-year veteran of FRC team 3043, and on my second year with team 4301. This is my second year as co-captain, my third year in charge of electrical, and my first year programming. I, along with the rest of my team, attend New Tech Odessa in Odessa, Texas. We are an all-academic college prep high school designed to teach students through Project-Based Learning. Our robotics program was founded as a supplement to that philosophy, and is essentially our school’s “sports team” since we lack an athletic program. I am looking forward to the interesting designs brought forth this season, and hope to see you all at the Hub City regional this year.

I can be contacted at [email protected]

I think this would be interesting!

Hi! My name is Ally. I live in Ny and am a 3 year member of FRC team 3044 OxBE4, I also participated in 2 years of FLL before that. I am a Junior and I adore engineering, I am currently a co-captain of our programming team. Currently I volunteer to mentor our 5 FLL teams as well as our new FTC team. I cannont wait for this years regionals, I hope they’re more exciting than last!

I really love robotics, and I am trying to decide between robotic engineering and environmental engineering when I go to college!

I can be contacted at [email protected]

My name is Frank Shiner, aka bEdhEd, and I was involved with first since 2009. I started as a sophomore rookie, and graduated in 2012, and still mentor my team, and this is my second year doing so. My mentoring focuses are in computer modeling, fabrication, and drive team. I plan to get a degree in Mathematics for secondary education, and It would be my dream to be able to be a math teacher at Vanden High School, the home of team 701, and mentor my robotics team FOREVER! If not, I could teach at a different school, and mentor an existing team there, or start my own if they lack an FRC team! If I were to start a team, the team name would be “The Pastafarians” and their mascot would be the Flying Spaghetti Monster. At competition as part of their uniform, they would wear red beanies with fake blonde dreadlocks coming out of them to represent noodles, and brown poof balls on top of the hat to represent meatballs, with some googly eyes so their hats look like spaghetti monsters, but at the same time they look like Rastafarians with dreads. THAT WOULD BE SOOO FREAKING CUTE!!! Don’t anyone dare steal my idea of the perfect team theme.

Here’s my email:

[email protected]

I’m Calvin. I hail from Grand Rapids Michigan. I started FIRST LEGO League in 2005 and joined FRC 2771 in 2012. This year I’m a senior and helped start FRC 4967. I’ve been a driver for 2771 for two years as well as fabrication and leadership. This year I am on the Executive Leadership. With 4967 I am more of a student-mentor, helping out with whatever they need when I am available. In addition to robotics I love building LEGO and occasionally attend conventions. You can find me on twitter @CalvinHartley or if you want my email just send me a Personal Message, I just don’t want to post it publicly online…

Hi! I’m Nikki. I was born and raised in New Jersey and am a college student at TCNJ studying Interactive Multimedia. I help mentor FRC 1089, Team Mercury. This is my 8th year in FIRST and plan to stay involve for years to come. If you want to talk just PM me here, find me at competitions and/or tweet me @camillapanda :smiley:

Hi, My name is Elizabeth Marshall from team 265 and 223,Moderate Heat and Xtreme Heat, in New Jersey. I am a sophomore in high school and I have been in robotics for two years now. I am apart of scouting for this team. I am now head scouter on my team. I love meeting new people at the competitions. :slight_smile:

If you want you can pm me or email me at [email protected]

Hey, my name is Sam and I am a membe of NCFRC Team 3336, the Zimanators. I am the marketing director and public relations representative for my team, so I’m pretty much on CD 24/7 and my phone is my lifeline.

I primarily enjoy reading, writing, and music, but my interests vary.

I rarely check my email, so send me a PM. :slight_smile:

My name is Hunter from 1706 in St Louis, Missouri. This is my fourth year on the team and my third year doing computer vision. If you want to contact me or ask me a question regarding computer vision, just pm me on here.

I’m Tytus. in 2001 i joined team 179 with whom i was cited by many to be the best robot driver ever. graduated in 2005.

i jumped right in to the manufacturing industry during high school as a cnc operator.

then i worked as a designer/drafter at Pratt and Whitney while dabbling with community college

i then went to Embry Riddle for a year before running out of money and then going back to work at pratt

in 2012 I founded Protovation. to legitimatize my business of building prototypes
then in april2013 left my job at Pratt to dedicate myself to my business full-time

only recently have i decided to call myself a drop-out as i can now look at what im building for myself and take pride in it.

my email is [email protected] i mentor team 179, inspect robots at events, specialize in fabrication, and am dyslexic and ADHD