Embed streaming content

So… I’m trying to embed some QuickTime streaming content into a web page. I’ve tried various things recommended by different websites, but it doesn’t seem to work. What happens is the plugin opens up, but it then just says that “An error occurred with the plugin.”

The streaming server appears to be working correctly, as I can connect to the content by going into QuickTime and tying the URL in directly.

To be specific, I’m using Darwin Streaming Server on a Windows box and am trying to get streaming content from it using the QuickTime plugin.

Know that code? :slight_smile:

Alternately/also, do you know of a good Windows Media Player streaming server (for free/cheap, preferably)? I think it uses the MMS protocol.

Also, do you know what port(s) rtsp uses? I’ll be needing to open my firewall up sometime. :slight_smile:

The site soundscreen.com has quite a bit of information about Darwin, including the best explanation I’ve seen for embedding content. You can also look at the test page that I set up at http://myhopechapel.net/~joe/streaming.html

As for ports, you need 554 and 7070 open. If you enabled streaming over http, you’ll also need port 80. You also have to make sure your firewall doesn’t block outgoing UDP packets in the range 6970-6999. If you are behind NAT, you need to make sure that you modify the streamingserver.xml file to include your public IP address, and even then, depending on router, you may never get it to work. If you want the streaming admin server accessible, you should open port 1220. Port 8000 is used for MP3 broadcasts.

Have you joined the apple mailing list for DSS? I haven’t been monitoring it very closely for the past few weeks to know if you’ve asked anything.

Well, maybe my problem isn’t my HTML after all. Your page doesn’t seem to work correctly for me either. :confused: But, thanks a lot, that site is great.

Thanks. Hadn’t thought of the IP thing.

No, I haven’t. I may if I continue to have problems, but I figured I’d ask here first. :slight_smile:

What browser are you using? Is the quicktime plugin installed? Is javascript and activex enabled?

For the record, I’m an established Mac weenie and lo-quality Unix nerd, and I’ve never been able to get QTSS or DSS running on either my G3 or my FreeBSD box. It will run, and I’ll put in content–it just will never broadcast it.

I’ve got a link somewhere, I found a good tutorial that at least got it up and running. It just won’t play anything, $@#$@#$@#$@#$@#$@#.

I’ll be checking back here, because this problem has stymied me (on and off) for two years. And I’ll check out soundscreen.


What’s the purpose of streaming it? Unless it is a live event you can just make a regular hinted movie and embed it into the HTML. It will save you a lot of bandwidth, plus it will be a much higher quality video then a stream.

To embed a streaming move is hard, even Apple just launches the quicktime player to view a streaming movie. It is possible but you have to do a lot of configurations to the server to make it work.

The streaming allows the user to instantly start viewing the movie, rather than having to download the entire thing first. But, since you mention it…

Do YOU know how to set it up? :slight_smile:

So… I assume by “Apple just launches the QuickTime player” you mean that they open up the full program interface and display it that way. Fine, that would work for me. Can you do that from HTML?

If you “hint” a quicktime movie it will start displaying the movie clip as it is downloading it. In fact it is actually quicker to see a movie hinted then it is waiting for a streaming movie to buffer. Plus a downloadable movie always looks better then a streaming movie, because of bandwidth issues. You can see many examples of hinted movies at Movie Trailers - Apple TV

To answer your second question, to open up the quicktime player from a browser is a little bit harder. There is no “HTML” code to open up an application. Basically you need to embed a small quicktime movie that initiates a script tell it to open the quicktime player. To make the script you either need to use Flash or download these scripts. I don’t know how to script it, but if you Google it you might be able to find some answers.
Here is an example of what I am saying http://stream.apple.akadns.net