Embedded Software Engineer Opening

My company, Pi Innovo, has an opening for an experienced embedded software engineer.

Pi Innovo is a small company located in Plymouth, MI, which is about 6 miles northeast of Ann Arbor. We mostly do control systems for companies that don’t have their own controls engineering departments. That means the work has a large amount of variety and things are always changing. All in all, I couldn’t imagine a better place to work for someone that enjoys the challenges of FIRST (i.e. frequent new challenges with a rapid development pace).

Our ideal candidate has the following experience:

  • BSE or better

  • more than 2 years in embedded software with automotive-type microcontrollers such as Freescale/NXP PowerPC or S12, Infineon TriCore, Renesas, TI, etc. (i.e. not mobile devices).

  • Creating and debugging low-level drivers

  • C and assembly development

  • Matlab / Simulink / Stateflow, including auto-code generation with TLC

  • Creating Python tools

  • Strong problem solving skills, especially being able to use standard tools (scopes, debuggers, etc.) to get new ECUs working

  • Experience with SPI-based ASICs is a big plus

As a software engineer at Pi Innovo, most of the work will be developing and expanding our OpenECU developer platform. Additionally, we often develop custom ECUs with custom software for a variety of customers. Depending on your skill set, you may also develop control algorithms and strategies for a variety of electromechanical systems.

A small sample of what we have done:
Aircraft engine control
Semi-active suspension
Custom ECU for sensorless brushless motor control
Hybrid vehicle control

If that sounds interesting to you, send me an IM.

Bumping this up as we still need some good engineers.

The job posting on our website can be found here: http://pi-innovo.com/careers/

Seriously - this is a great place to work. By far my favorite engineering job.