Embroidered Bumpers

The bumper fabric itself is ballistic nylon and our numbers are embroidered on in our 7-segment style font. We can’t wait to compete with them at the Springside-Chestnut Hill MAR District this weekend! What do you think?

I think we need to fire the bumper team and hire your team xD

We tried pretty hard this year :stuck_out_tongue:

They look awesome! We did that a couple of years ago, but lost the person that did it. The LOP sticky numbers don’t work worth a darn. They were the thing we fixed the most at GTR East last week.

Beautiful and durable and classy - but - we have found that the slicker the bumper the better, as it prevents other robots from being able to catch/push us as well as they otherwise might.
This year, that last consideration may not be very important, so the first three adjectives are more important.
Well done!

Do all parts of the digits have a 1/2" stroke?
While I love the design, as a RI you can be sure I’d have my ruler out, mostly paying attention to those pointy parts…

I would tend to ignore decorative flourishes at the end of stroke. The round numb at the end of this stroke:

In order to differentiate that from the main body as in this font

I would say that the font has to be clear and unambiguous without the non-compliant sections.

I agree non-ambiguous is the goal, and if I were inspecting I’d probably pass it. I’d give them a hard time, but complement them on the beautiful work. (How’s that for mixed messages?)

The font above “BOLD” would not pass however because significant parts of the character do not have a 1/2" stroke width.

Fun fact of the day… it’s not a font, it’s a typeface.

Well…it’s certainly possible to use that font and make it passing. Might not look as striking as it’s supposed to though.