Embroidery Digitizing Software for DST Files?

I am looking into making a custom hat with my team’s logo on it (similar to 3476’s hats) and in order for that to be made, the embroidery machine needs the image file to be converted to an embroidery stitching pattern type of file, specifically to .dst format. The only free version I could find online is a bit nerfed and won’t do the job for this logo due to the variety of colors, and the full version of that program (SewArt64) costs $75. To get it converted at the store I’m going to (Lids), they charge $50 and take a few days to get it done. (It’s not as easy as just exporting it as a different file type unfortunately).

Does anyone have SewArt or a similar program that is able to create .dst files?

If so, this is the logo:

It is intended to be roughly 64x64mm as the front logo on the hat, with no background color or stitching in the center of the gear.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

After some brief googling, I came across this: http://embroidermodder.org

The site is awful, don’t get me wrong, but the screenshot suggests it might do what you want.

I do machine embroidery all the time, you’re not going to find a free program that does the quality stitching you want. I use fastdigitizing.com when I don’t have the time to digitize. It’s $20 and takes 24 hours. You can use the free web version of Wilcom True Sizer if you ever need to convert it to emb or other formats.

For reference, my good embroidery digitizing program cost me roughly $500.

Embroidery files can be a bit tricky. Your right, it’s not as easy as converting a file. There are programs that can take a graphic and digitize it, but their usually expensive or really bad. Even if you get the expensive ones, they can be a steep learning curve. Most people I know who Have small embroidery businesses send their stuff to someone (that’s why it can take several days) who only does the digitizing. Its probably worth it just to have it done and ask them to put the file on a disk for you. You can resize it easy with free software, and you can take it anywhere or embroider it yourself.
I wish I could be more help, but having looked into it for my job, if you’re not going to use it extensively, that’s a whole lot of work, frustration, and money for very little pay off.

I have copies Brother PE 9 and 10, PM me a high res version of your image and I’ll give it a shot.